Lanificio dell'Olivo

Lanificio dell’Olivo is a leader in the creation of fancy yarns for the knitting and hand-knitting industry. It has developed a unique know-how in worsted spinning of noble fibers such as alpaca, mohair, cashmere, silk, the finest wools, cottons and linen, as well as the twisting of high-performance and prestigious filaments and fibers to create fancy effects in an infinite array of colors. The exclusive network of suppliers around the world ensures direct access to the most prestigious and highest quality materials. Being at the forefront of what Made in Italy stands for in yarns, research is coupled with creativity and experience to enhance the performance of our yarns, all processed in the Prato facilities, equipped with modern digitally controlled technologies and key mechanical features that are proprietary to Lanificio dell’Olivo.
With the Going Green program and by adhering to the 4Sustainability® protocols for the elimination of toxic and harmful substances in production processes, Lanificio dell’Olivo is committed to supplying sustainable high-quality products and processes to respect the environment, the health of workers and of consumers. 

Campi Bisenzio (Firenze) – ITALY
Prato textile district
10.000 m2 of production
Fancy creations that enhance the performance of the fibers translate into inspiring stitches and infinite combinations of colors and yarns to transform ideas into reality.
Excellent service and personalized customer assistance, supported by the presence of large quantities of yarns in stock. All the most relevant product and process certifications to support quality and sustainability.