Filidarte Group


Over a century
of know-how

Creativity that inspires
and anticipates trends

We are an innovative Group, combining the best of Italian excellence in yarns through a multi-specialist approach. We support growth and performance though our Group platform, preserving our companies’ unique identities and distinctiveness. We drive synergies of talents to create value through common strategic drivers.

Blending tireless research, deep knowledge of fibers and creativity. Ours is an extraordinary journey towards innovation with a single objective: to always be one step ahead in quality.

We are the strategic engine that drives our companies towards growth and pools knowledge and competencies to enhance and accentuate their distinctiveness.

Our companies authentically represent the values of Made in Italy, embodying its unparalleled spirit that is nourished by quality, creativity, tradition and craftsmanship.

We are a dynamic Group, building on more than a century of combined experience and know-how in yarns.

Sustainability is our essence, a value engraved in the DNA of our companies.
Together we invest to face future challenges and always stay ahead, pooling resources to achieve shared goals.

We invest in digital transformation of work processes and tools, to ensure maximum quality, transparency and traceability, bringing customer experience to new levels.

In the world of Italian yarns, excellence is a given, but global challenges require a broader perspective. Filidarte Group was created to leverage these excellences to create a system with the necessary critical mass and competitiveness for meeting the growing challenges of international markets.

We position ourselves as a platform that preserves the unique identities of companies and accelerates their development through a shared strategic vision across different market segments, always keeping one step ahead of the consolidations process that will mark the sector.


Filidarte Group was born in 2020 with the aim of promoting Italian excellence and know-how in the fashion value chain, particularly in quality yarns, and giving strength and critical mass to small and medium-sized businesses through the creation of new synergies to respond to global challenges.
Filidarte Group is a project of Ethica Global Investments (EGI), an investment company part of Ethica Group. 


EGI acquires Lanificio dell’Olivo with the idea of creating a platform to respond to new market needs. The Italian hub for excellence in high quality yarns is conceived, the foundations of which were created by the management team that had been leading Lanificio dell’Olivo since 2017.


The Group acquires the majority share of Manifattura Sesia, adding a key element for the creation of the yarn hub which takes on a new name: Filidarte is born.